Gears of War 3 Models?

Hello. As some of you may know, Gears of War 3 came out a week ago. To my understanding, Gears 3 runs on a modified version of the Unreal Engine 3, specifically 3.5. I’ve seen multiple Gears of War 2 ports, so is it still possible to rip from Gears 3, despite the modified engine? Forgive me if I come off as a “noob”, as I have little knowledge of ripping and porting and what not.

Now, I know that it just recently came out, but Im just wondering if it was possible to port from it. Thanks in Advance.


Its probably possible, there are some beta ports on

The dudes/dudettes at XNA already have Myrrah and Anya last I checked.

So it is possible! Hopes have been heightened. But…whats XNA?

It’s a posing program. It’s called XNALara actually. XNA is just the name of the tools used to make it. Bad choice of words on my part.

Ohh. Alright. Well, onto the topic at hand, will people port Gears 3 content? It would seem that it would happen eventually, although thats just speculation.

The files themselves are portable from, you just need to find a way to access them. As a lot of us don’t have consoles we can’t without yarring it which is strongly not recommended.

Hence a far lower interest for the game.

Aaand hopes have been dashed. Damn.

couldn’t you download the game from

(User was banned for this post ("Hinting at Warez" - rilez))

I hope someone gets the Lambent chicken

Well there is ways to port from XNALara to GMod but i dont think alot of people are aware of the methods :confused:

Regardless, All I can do is wait for the time being.

So is any brave soul willing to rip from Gears 3?


I’d like to see the new COG and Locust guys, and more then just the Sawed-Off and Retro Lancer!

i support this

Isn’t there a thread around on the models section that had some guy ripping some models from Gears 3, I think he ripped Sam, Dom and a few others that I forget the name of.