Gears of War 3 - Savage Locust

[release][tab]Description:[/tab] The “savage” versions of the Locust enemies found in Gears of War 3.
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] A working copy of Gmod.
[tab]Credits:[/tab] Epic Games for models and textures, and Plasmid for exporting![/release]

[tab]Notes:[/tab] - The Kantus and Theron have faceposing and eyeposing, the Grenadier and Grenadier Elite only have a little faceposing.

  • There’s two skingroups for the Kantus, Theron, and Elite Grenadier.
  • The Kantus, Grenadier, and Elite Grenadier have bodygroups to remove gear. The full list:
    Kantus: Left and right pauldrons, bandolier, knives, and legbag
    Grenadier: Armguard and pauldron
    Elite Grenadier: Left and right armguards, pauldron
  • Every model uses the original bones, so no NPCs/Playermodels without a complete re-rigging!


Awesome job


It looks good
And the question is: do you going to port the COG soldiers, or Lambents?
(sorry for my bad English)


If I recall, Fury is working on the COG.

Wow, these are sickly awesome, mate.

Fantastic release man! I fucking love gears of war

YES! The Kantus & the Theron are on Gmod, thanks Shotup

Now we are gonna need the Lambent.

Cool stuff.

Howly sheet.

Anyone got some weapon models to use with these sexy fuckers?


very, VERY useful!

Dear sir.

Did i ever tell you how FUCKING AMAZING you are?
I don’t think a simple thanks is enough here.


Nice job man.

Maaaaaan, I have waited so friggin long for locusts I cant believe they are finally here!

Nice job!