Gears of War + Bonus

It’s first picture

And Bonus





So… Are the Locust Russians Now?

No no :smile: . I made it just for fun

Posing is getting better, but the blur is distracting.

That’s probably the most unGears Of Wary map I’ve ever seen.

no no:smile: I made it just for fun

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Yes, too much blur

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I did this scene for fun:smile:

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And what map would you recommend me for this scene?


Oh man danik996 I feel like your “art” is now becoming signature. I can’t believe this, but I actually knew it was by you before even looking at the name of the poster. I see the terrible image quality, those horribly obscure colors, and the inappropriate setting and I just think “only one man could be behind this”.

Danik996, I’ll admit you aren’t very good, but I really like your determination, please keep practicing because I’d like to see this much effort and enthusiasm turn into something great.

Also Exor, “an” not “a” :wink:

Thx for good criticism!: Улыбка: try to do everything I can

This could be way better.

But it’s still good!:smiley: