Gears of War - Carmine


Voted most likely to be shot.

Nice work as always!

Did you rip this from the PC version?
Nice work either way!

Is that black area around his eyes supposed to be so black? I’ve never played the game and don’t know if that’s a visor or goggles or something like that.

Looks cool, though.

The cool looking guys always die


So does this mean Marcus is almost ready for release? Or are you going the awesome route and creating a whole pack of the COGs?

“My guns jammed, LOOK!”


Poor old carmine.

Did you rip this with 3D Ripper DX? I don’t see how it’s possible any other way.

R.I.P Carmine, 2007-2008 we saw your gun was jammed :frowning:


Cool he’s my favourite character online, but why is he wearing Marcus’ armor?

Make a version without his head, so we can act like he got sniped. :ninja:

Mine too.



Because it’s already perfectly rigged and weighted.

Release him so I can have him t-bag Alyx. At least we can make his dreams come true.

valve skeleton? :v:

Wow very nice. Too bad he dies in the game D:


God bless him :frowning:

Thank’s mate!

What the…?
Carmine with Fenix armor?
Also, could you port Dom?