Gears of War Judgment Models

I have put up most of the Gears of War judgment models, though i have done it through youtube

link to a vid with explanation and and depositfiles link for download


EDIT: I have taken down the pack, the initial reason for no direct link was easier copying a youtube link, i really diddnt think of it, and also the milkshape copy which i have taken out of it, i diddnt realise it was poor form to include.

Really? I mean come on, you could have just put a direct link, but no, its “hey go look at my videos to download”. We are not all idiots, we know how to download stuff, its quite common place in todays world ya know. Why didn’t you just direct link to the models??

Microsoft was super pissed that the game leaked. I would advise removing this post.

Sigh…lol this guys 2 videos on the subject acts like we don’t know how to import the models or extract them o well lol.

For people that don’t wanna go to his channel here is the link
EDIT: (i removed the link cause i found out this has a pirated version of milkshape 3d in it and i don’t wanna get banned)

LOL MS can just get pissed about it, the games not that good anyways so LOL, GOW was done at 3 and should of stayed that way, after judgment they’ll find another character to do a side story on and run that in the ground.

Yeah, that and the video he posted on youtube.

That’s capitalism for ya, plenty of selection for the lowest common denominator.

Also @ the OP, low blow sticking a cracked ms3d in there if that’s true. Its not as if it costs a fortune like the autodesk products.