Gears of War Machinima

My friends and I made a Gears of War machinima back in the day (about 5 years ago), it the jokes were funny, but the quality of our TV tuner, acting, voice microphone, and a few other things were just really bad at times.
Anyways, we are trying to learn how to use UDK or Unreal Editor that came with Gears of War PC to make the new season. We are going to have custom animations, cutscenes, the works. However, I have no idea how to get the gears of war 2 and three maps to where I can put models on them. Would anyone care to help me?
I need the locust underground looking maps to be able to use them in UDK or Unreal Editor… I need to know how to use them, etc.
And let me get this out of the way before 7,000 people post it, yes, I am a noob to this. I get it, I don’t know what I am doing, so any comment about me not knowing the first thing about what I am doing would be totally obvious and I am only looking for people who actually want to help.
Thanks to anywho who takes the time to try! :dance:

-Pissed Iguana

You want someone to map for you in UDK?

Would you be willing to pay hella moolah?

I never said I wanted someone to map for me. I suggest re-reading.

I just need the maps that are already created from epic in a format that I can use them in UDK or Unreal editor to be able to use matinee for cutscenes…

Oh, sorry. My mistake. Uh, good luck, hun.