Gears of War models: Weapons

More Gears stuff. Figured I should release since I have so much more stuff waiting to be done.

These are props.

All weapons from the PC version of Gears of War. Unfortunately they did not turn out as good as I wanted them to, but they are still pretty good. I will update them later on, as I will do to my earlier releases.

Each weapon has with and without magazine models. Separate magazine models and bullet casing models are avaiable for all applicable weapons. Unfortunately I was unable to bodygroup them without breaking the rig.

The two turrets and the grenades are ragdolled. Every other weapon is rigid, but has bones, and can be posed with advanced bone tools or joint tools.



Please report any bugs you find.

Epic Games for Gears of War
People can Fly for the PC port
Gildor for Umodel
Nem for VTFedit
Cannonfodder for his plugins
my friend Walter for testing

Improved lancer textures
Added shotgun shell model, open torque bow model for easier posing and added bodygroups to both torque models to have bolts ready in the chamber.
Mediafire link will be updated later due to issues with that site. Workshop link is already updated.

Added animated versions of most weapons with fire and reload animations.

Completely redid textures and recompiled models with sfm compiler.