Gears of war ragdolls (request)

hi i was wondering if some could make all the gow 1 and 2 ragdolls/ models or if anyone could tell were i could find them. i already have baird, carmine(gow 1), marcus,and kim… so i would like raam, any locust u can think of,cole,and dom

there is one of the locust at mario’s request corner

And theres a marcus phoenix a baird and a carmine and the weapons around here somewhere

were is marios request corner(never mind i found the request corner)


yeah it has the boomer that dude is awsome thnx 4 the help (if theres anymore i would like to kno tnx)

i have this and many more, but it’s not going to be released for some time

wow thhis looks awsome cant wait! does this have raam? cuz that would be awsome. when u do release it could u also put the link here plz?

s-low released Raam:
Fury_161 released weapons and Marcus Fenix:

There’s a pack with more people somewhere, i’m looking.

thnx for the help. do i need l4d 4 this ?cuz it says it replaces bill on l4d. if theres any more that ould be awsome thnx

yeah that raam model kinda works but u see a couple streched out materials that go every were and when i go closer the raam model is in the middle…whats rong with it? if theres any more let me kno

Ya know, seeing as how Drones are the main infantry of the locust, i’d LOVE to have some drones

yeah me to