Gears of War Vehicles

Could someone port the vehicle wrecks from the first Gears of War such as the ones from Gridlock and give them proper normals/bumpmaps and phong? I need some modern-ish car wrecks for a map that I am working on.

There’s some wrecked cars in this pack:

And then there are these cars from Flatout 2. Each car has an undamaged version and a wrecked version. The only problem I think you might have with these ones is that there are a lot of sports cars in them instead of generic ones:

BTW what’s wrong with HL2’s car wrecks?

I’ve seen those packs. they dont have the type of vehicles i’m looking for. The insurgency pack doesnt have much of a selection and the flatout cars are mostly race cars. I want some generic, late 1990s-early 2000s sedans that are really rusty and wrecked. I’m making a post apocalyptic map and I want some modern car wrecks to be lying around. The reason I don’t want to use the HL2 wrecks is they’re too eastern european and not rusty or burnt out enough…

sorry if my writing is really jumbled or doesn’t make sense. I’ve been up all night