Gears of War Vehicles

[release][tab]Name:[/tab]Gears Of War Vehicles


[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod


2 Gears of War vehicles.

Credits goes tp Epic Games for making these models

Just extract the folders into your garrysmod directory.

Have Fun.




fucken a

Fucking sweet, could you also port those landing ships?

I really need some futuristic vehicles for my next movie here.


Carmine is too close to the wheel he is in serious danger of getting run over


that would be an embarrassing way to die

how about Ragdolls?

Very very good. :slight_smile:


Great job on these , although i hate every model from GOW :3

Sorry but I can’t.


these are very good 9/10

The only part I find cheap is that the junker is the APC’s frame. Good rips!

Can you port a King Raven for us please? and one with moving blades or something… Please, cheese and thank you.

Oh man these are awesome, Really epic thanks

what we need now is a raven, locusts(all of them even corpsers,boomers,brumaks,etc)
that would be a awesome big pack =)

Couple of GoW SNPC’s some drivable vehicles and this will make me cry T-T… But for right now i think this is the most beautiful thing ever sniff

I could do the SNPC’s for sure IF they have “Animations”
Know what i mean?

Would be nice to have the Assault Derrick, but thats on Gow 2.

Mind me asking why you can port the vehicles, but not the Landing ship?