Gecko Crime Squad (a silly work in progress)

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Got bored, fired up Gmod, this was the result


Fun Factoid:
-New Vegas Gecko models are super easy and fun to pose.

Things to Add and Improve that I am aware of:
-More Props/people in the background
-Potatoe shop work on certain props (yellow gecko’s thompson machine gun to be precise)
-Edit in a fedora hat or something on the left Gecko
And that’s about it for now.

So then…
Anything else I can improve on?
Did you smile?
Should I turn this into a silly Gmod comic series?
What do you think?


There’s actually so much personality in these three. The middle one is the leader with unquestionably heroic morals, the one on the left is the hardass badass and by the book partner, and the third is the mentally deranged somewhat comic relief.

I just love the posing on the dude on the left. I now want to get these models.

Street lights!

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Did you say cars?!

I’m going to edit in the street lights. and darken things up a bit so it looks like it’s at night.

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And edit in the badge for the Top Gecko.

Yes That Would Be More Funny then Mass effect paint adventures

Thanksy’allsome for the comments.

I hopefully I’ll have finished editing by tommorrow (Dad’s borrowing my Laptop which has all my potato shop stuff:saddowns:) along with a little comic with these characters.

This image requires 70’s cop chase music.

Thread music?


This owns

Where is the Gecko’s legs?

On the other geckos backs.

This is the best idea ever. Of all time.

Well to pass the time till I get my machine back I did a few more poses n what nottery introducing these fine chaps and I’ll ad more to these when I get to it. (read the following in a Black Dynamite voice for maximum effect)

Whiskey (the leader of the Gecko Crime Squad)

Calm, calculating and damned smart. He’s the lizard with the gizzard and the brains of the group. The squad does nothing without his say so.

Bramble (the gun)

If Whiskey is the brains, then Bramble is the brawn.
Several shades of crazy and a few screws lose of unhinged. When given an Automatic and Bramble puts the Holy in ‘Holy Smokes he just killed everyone!’

Sancho (the driver)

Ever the ladies lizard. And anything but a vile reptile, Sancho’s knows the deals when it comes to wheels for the Squad. He’s a smooth talker but keep him away for alcohol or he’ll serenade.

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And for the love of all things wonderful I need better hat models and cannot find better ones :gonk:

God damn, it’s like a fucking advertisement for a TV series!

I, for one, think this is brilliant. I hope it delivers well.