Geekroom VMF&BSP

Basicaly this is the vmf and bsp for a map started creating, it also has a small woodland area and a small club type thing, im releasing this map for any mapper who wants to carry it on, use it for learning, or just copy bits out for use in there own maps, do what you want to it. I have given up on it as I have other work to do at the moment. This was one of my earlyer pieces of work, so its not exactly beautiful. Ive aso included a couple textures. Download links are available on its webpage at

Here’s an image of the woodland area:

Direct link:

I accidentaly put geekroom in the name, it’s not geekroom, it’s a datacenter. I suppose thats what I get for thinking about other maps when writing a FP thread.

Good to see that you released the VMF and BSP. May be usefull for some people :slight_smile:

FH mappers is such a friendly community. That’s why i love it.

woo, this is helpful, thanks dude