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[GeekNeff’s “Easy Build Prefabs” for Hammer]

(If this does not count as a release, please forgive me for my wrong-doing. I am not a regular of FP, therefore, I don’t know where everything is/is supposed to be.)

[1:1] ----- Table of Contents

**[1:1] ToC
[1:2] Intro

[2:1] Prefab Downloads
[2:2] Using the Tilesets
[2:3] Tile Descriptions
[2:4] Useful Hints
[2:5] Screenshots **

[1:2] ----- Intro

These prefabs are interlocking groups of brushes and entities, that I created for quicker map creation, and for beginners of hammer(or even lazy mappers). I made these tilesets specifically for fightyard/gungame maps. I myself map for various different games. I got this idea from creating dungeons in Oblivion, and Vaults in Fallout 3 (thank you Bethesda). These tilesets will allow you to create a layout for a level in only a few minutes. Using them might seem confusing at first, but in the end, you should enjoy your results.

[2:1] ----- Download(s)

(NOTE: If you downloaded the previous “Training Facility” and “Outdoor Villa” pack, delete any files from that pack. Otherwise, the new naming code will not apply for the TF and OV sets.)

[ul][li] [Training Facility|Outdoor Villa|Ancient Temple][/ul]
Each download is to be extracted directly into your “steamdirectory\steam\steamapps\steamusername\sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin\prefabs” folder.

[2:2] ----- Using the Tilesets

(I’ll be referring to the prefabs as “tiles” from here on out)
Each tile within a set has it’s own unique name. To keep things simple, I’ve designed a layout, or “code”, for the tile names. So, lets dissect a name and I’ll explain each part:

Say you have a tile from the TrainingFacility set named: “Wide1_256x256” Most names are split into 3 parts.
“Wide” Is the tile “group”. This particular tile is a straight hallway.
“1” is the suffix of this straight hallway.
“256x256” Is the dimensions of the tile (widthxlength)
Another example would be:
“Open” Means it’s an open-spaced tile.
“ToWide2” Means this is a double-transition tile.
“256x256” This is once again the dimensions of the tile.

Refer to chapter [TWO:THREE] for more descriptions on each tile group.

These tilesets are meant to be used for basic layout. Things like spawn positions, props, lights (in some cases), water, triggers, and/or many other things, are not enclosed within the tiles.

[2:3] ----- Tile Descriptions


[1] = This tile is a blank straight path.

[2] = This tile is identical to 1, but with a unique detail. This applies to “-2” suffixes too. (IE: 4W-2)

[4W] = This tile is a 4 way [Wide] group intersection.

[C] = This is a corner tile

[D] = This tile is a transition from the [Wide] group to the [Room] group.

[T] = This is a T section.

[QT] = This is a “Quick T Section.” This is only compatible with the same tile on the side of the transition.


[Open] = This tile is an open space of 256x256 units.

[RoomA] = This tile is only compatable with the tile: “WideD_256x256” It is just a room

[“group"To"group”] = A transition tile.

["group"To"group"2] = A double-transition tile.

[2:4] ----- Useful Hints

Hint#1: You can see a basic layout of your map from above, using the built in guides in the 3D view.
Hint#2: Try experimenting with different transitions and tile combinations, for good game play effect.
Hint#3: Feel Free to alter any tiles for your own use[*1].
Hint#4: Add your own props to create more cover or obstacles in your tileset created map.
Hint#5: Try different lighting options, and even different textures with the tilesets.

[2:4] ----- Screenshots
The Outdoor Villa Tileset in hammer

The Training Facility Tileset in a compiled map

The Outdoor Villa Tileset in a compiled map

The Ancient Temple Tileset in a compiled map

Please include my name (Chris Neff) or alias (GeekNeff) in the credits of any published materials that use these prefabs.

No pics no clicks

Screenshots of the tilesets in use, and two compiled levels using the each type of tileset.

Very awesome, I like how the fallout 3 G.E.C.K. has tile sets the make the editor very newb-friendly and I think that a large collection of these would actually make hammer more newb-friendly.

Now how do I import prefabs again? :v:

I like them. Very simple and they look optimized so that’s good. Good job they look awesome

Importing a prefab is like creating an entity. Except you select the prefab folder from the entity drop down menu. It’s really quite simple. You can search a more detailed tutorial through Google or any search engine. There is most likely a tutorial on prefabs on Facepunch.

And don’t worry, I’ll be making quite a few more sets and tile groups. Expect a lot more.

Sorry, my sarcasm wasn’t strong enough :v:

Reference for anyone else though.

:stuck_out_tongue: If this: :v: means sarcasm, I did not know that. I’m new to the FP stuff. >.<

lol, it’s okay, my son. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh by the way: These tile sets could be meant for anything, but they were originally for Counter-Strike: Source Gungame/Fightyard maps. But, since FPSBANANA is in the shitter, Facepunch is my alternative. Feel free to use these tilesets for anything.

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Well you could just read the rules if you are in doubt.

Also, this looks great for the CSS mappers. But this would probably only be used for simple GG maps. But yea, good job.


Ancient Temple Tileset

The naming code.
The names of the TF and OV Tilesets

(NOTE: If you downloaded the previous “Training Facility” and “Outdoor Villa” pack, delete any files from that pack. Otherwise, the new naming code will not apply for the TF and OV sets.)

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