Geforce Shadowplay is perfect for Rust.

Personally I didn’t hear about shadowplay until earlier today when I had to update my drivers (call me uninformed lol) but I think that it is perfect for people wanting to record in this game as no one wants to be constantly recording using space and all the best moments happen I find within short time frames and a lot of the time at completely unexpected moments and I find myself wishing “damn wish I had turned on fraps and awesome firefight twisting and turning chasing people around the rocks coordinating with my team” but usually to in the moment to remember to hit record, still needs work plus doesn’t have option to record your mic. Anyway just figured this would be helpful to keep an eye on for a lot of you.

its a lovely thing i have it on all the time when i play, good for amazing moments and catching hackers

will be looking into it

It has it’s drawbacks (only supported by GeFore 6XX cards and higher), but for what it’s worth it’s a decent recording software and the constant recording is a great feature.

This app looks great. Tnx for info!

for some reason it makes my mouse latency go off a bit on rust, maybe it’s because it’s a browser game, no idea. but then again it is only in beta.

:open_mouth: didn’t even think of that, will be perfect for catching hackers :D, if only I could get it to record my microphone though.

I’ve also just found out about Shadowplay and gee, is this great!!

I’ve made some tests and I didn’t even noticed there were a 1080p recording going on in the background. Programs like BAndicam, Fraps normally just kills my PC but this is just… great! The output quality is quite decent (even though it’s far away from the advertised 60 FPS) and the file size is great.

It’s a no brainer to leave it running on the background as long as you the graphics card.