Gender reassignment in Rust doesn't make sense

Disclaimer: I love this game, and I’m not going to stop playing this just because I didn’t get the gender that I wanted, however, I think the gender reassignment was stupid.

When I started playing this game, yes, I knew I’d be a male for a while. And when they announced female characters were going to be introduced, I was excited, even though I knew it wouldn’t be our choice. However, When seven of my male friends are all female, and I’m the only one who is still a male…something isn’t right.

I don’t necessarily care about being male or female, or being able to customize how I look, but I would have at the very least appreciated being assigned a female character because my steam profile specifically designates my gender as such. I wish it was more of our genders on our profiles and not our IP address. That code doesn’t make sense in my mind, and I think it’s stupid that we can’t choose male or female. It’s not an issue about being able to customize our looks, it’s just choosing a dang gender.

It’s actually based on your Steam ID, and the lack of character customization is a deliberate design decision. It’s hardly “reassignment” when the only option has been male by default until now.

Your character’s visual attributes are determined using your Steam ID as a unique seed, in much the same way that different seeds cause Minecraft to generate entirely different maps.

One of the stated reasons for this is to prevent the “three hours of tweaking sliders to create a character in Skyrim” effect. Instead, when you start up Rust and join a server, you’re simply in the game with no preamble bullshit, no long intro, no dozens of arbitrary and semi-meaningless decisions. You’re just on the beach (or wherever) with a rock and one goal: survive.

Gender reassignment in Rust doesn’t make sense. You’re stuck with what you have.

What if you make a shared account?

I logged out last evening a burly black male specimen, and logged in this morn a petite white girl. You might say I was somewhat dismayed at the overnight transformation.

To be perfectly frank, sadly, I can’t play RUST anymore, at least not as a slender female figure, as seductively curvaceous as she is.

I’ll return when character selection becomes an option, if ever.

Oh btw, love the boobs.

I find it hysterical how everyone wanted the female player model when they thought they’d be able to switch per spawn or whatever. And now that its tied to steamid instead of picking at will, most of the people who wanted it hate it.

I went from the unholy spawn of TF2 Soldier and Sloth from The Goonies into an average looking, slightly tanned bald woman thanks to this update. And it doesn’t bother me at all. When people hear my voice coming out of a woman, it will freak the shit out of them. If some skeez bag hits on me, they get a rock to the head.

I seriously would love to see how people would react if your steamid forced your character to be a child, or a deer, or an eel or something.

It would hardly ruin the game to have two drop-down boxes to select gender and ethnicity. I don’t care if my steam ID makes me an ugly small-dicked freakshow, but the completely random system is a nightmare.

There is no reason not to include it.

Have to agree with this thread, I couldn’t care less about being forced to be a female character in game, but a choice would have been nice, I get why they made race random to rule out racism and whatever, but making gender random was a terrible decision.

I think a far better way to implement it would be if they just gave us a simple one time only option screen to choose which gender, once you choose you can never take that decision back, and you can never change your gender after that.

Every gender thread so far:

“I couldn’t care less … but here are a lot of reasons why I’m really butthurt about my in-game gender which by the way has no relevance on anything I’m basically just complaining because internet rage”

Why are you defending a lazy design decision?
Also it does have relevance, people like to play as character who resemble them otherwise character creators wouldn’t exist.
And a deep manly voice coming from a female sounds really strange.

Did you even read my post?

  1. I’m not butthurt nor was I in anyway “internet raging”.

  2. I was not complaining in anyway at all.

I was offering my feedback which is the main point of early access, for players to test the game and provide constructive feedback on the game.

I then gave my opinion on what I thought would of been a better way to implement it.

If all you’re going to do is complain about other people complaining (when I wasn’t even complaining), then why do you even bother replying to the thread?

What if I told you, you could read something you don’t like on the Internet and simply ignore it? :ohno:

I want hair everybody has cancer in game its weird or everybody became a skin head after the world went to shit

Yes. Did you?

So was it a terrible decision, or do you not care?

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Then they’re going to be mighty disappointed with Rust, unless Garry plans on adding neckbeards.

You’re not very bright are you? Read both of my comments and then try to come up with a response that isn’t so half whitted next time.

I do not care whether I’m male or female, it makes no difference to gameplay, and I stand by that.

Me saying it was a terrible decision was simply my personal opinion on the matter… Is that so hard to understand?

That is not in anyway me being butthurt or complaining. I’m freely saying I don’t care either way, but also saying a choice would have been nice.

Even if I had a neckbeard how would that make my argument less valid?
And yes, adding hair and beard would be nice, since now every character looks like a cancer patient.

I had friends I was trying to get into the game.

They jump on TS today saying, “Hey wanna play Rust? I can buy it today.”

Uhhhh no, nobody plays anymore, lets play another game.

Yeah, look at those numbers pancake below 5,000 simultaneous users because you can’t choose your gender. Shit, the devs better pull this patch immediately. :garryspin:

Why would it bother you if others had the choice to choose their gender?

It doesn’t bother me. But it’s a deliberate design decision by garry and the devs, something that sets Rust apart from its copycats and the open-world survival fps genre in general, and every argument against it except for hitbox size disparity is “because I want it” from a tiny vocal minority which is not a strong enough justification to change the game.

I’m not on the dev team so I can’t actually claim to know what garry’s thinking, but every other time gender/skin-tone assignment has been mentioned in the devblogs or in a gaming news site post, people have come here to make threads complaining that they’ll be forced to play a woman/x-race character and this is unacceptable because their character has to represent their real-life body – and the devs have never flinched once. The latest crop of threads is an exact repeat of last time around and so I’m fairly comfortable predicting the future on this one.