General betrayer

five finger posable


Pretty good going so far :slight_smile: Keep it up.

What’s with his arms?

little problem. gonna fix it.


awesome, I’ve been waiting for this

Damn keep up the good work i cant wait to make some jokes with him :smiley:

Faceposable? FUCKING awesome.

Hot damn, about time somebody gets this guy ported. And for the curious out there, the patch on his arm is that of the JFK Special Warfare Center and School. They’re responsible for the training and education of the myriad of Special Forces units of the Army.

Somehow I knew exactly who you were referring to in the title.

Looks good though.

a few flexes
angry, more angry, crazy, sadface
this is crazytalk but there would be smile too!

for funny pictures

Having this guy as a VIP for CSS would be PWNSOME.

I’ll be Downloading either way… ^^

lol. that idea awesome

I take it his mustache will move with the upper lip as one?

Have you ever seen someone’s mustache move independently of their upper lip?

Great i can’t wait! but, damn i hate Gen. Shepherd >:(

made my day