General Chase's Overcoat w/ Winterized Combat Helmet

Hard to explain, since this has no particular name.

Basically, what I’m requesting is the two items from the Fallout 3 DLC Operation Anchorage, “General Chase’s Overcoat” and “Winterized Combat Helmet” to be combined.

In Fallout 3’s engine, it’s a conglomerate of several different .nif files. I have extracted these files, and their respective textures, from the .bsas, maintaining the folder structure for convienence. I am willing to provide these materials to the brave modeler willing to put them together over a citizen skeleton, so that it retains the animations and ragdoll behavior of a citizen.

I, uh, don’t really know what else to say, other than that I’d like this ASAP.

What its called is rigging (the attaching the model to the skeleton part), head hacking (the putting the head of one model on another model’s body) and Porting (taking a model from one engine and converiting it to a form that works in another, in this case the source engine) ^^

I know, and I need all three of those done so I can get it in Source. v:v:v

Thing is I don’t think it’s exactly a headhack, since the overcoat part has no hands or head. They will have to be attached, and then the citizen skeleton will have to be applied.

If your model files are .nif format they will need to be converted to something like .3ds or .obj for most people to be able to use them, you will proberly need these that I found with a quick google search around:

Though I couldn’t find a .obj converter/importer but theres claims that theres a .3ds max importer somewhere on the second link (but I couldn’t see it) and theres a Blender script link on the first link.

But I don’t want to make it*, I want someone else to do it and I’m providing the files ripped from the .bsas.

*Namely because I’m sick and don’t feel like learning

Yea but they should help whoever wants to do it do it, though it still would be a good idea for you to convert them, will make it much more likely that someone could do it then.

Getting all the correct files out of the .bsas and sorting them into their respective folder structures took long enough… I’d really rather not do any more work.

Fair Enough, but like I said…

:words: :suicide:


Just kidding, of course.

If you give me the .NIFs and textures I’ll rig it for you when I have some time.

I love you. PMing.


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Quick off topic question… can you convert files from Autodesk Maya to source? besides, this model looks kickass. That any help?

As it says there the SDK comes with Maya SMD plugins.

There’s some .NIF importers for 3DS Max too, and I think Blender.

I’ll wait for teh cheese to get unbanned to post the download link, since I don’t know if he wants it private or public or whatnot.

That looks sexy! I just hope the OP makes it a public release :stuck_out_tongue:

Dean, why do I love you?

Because I’m so sexy. :c00l:

hes unbanned :smiley:

Ask him for the link.

Aw so its private. Nah, I hate asking for things when I am not friends with them

Example: Someone has a really sick personal model and I am like “Cool, I so fucking want it”. I won’t ask unless I knew that person