General Grievous

Could someone do a playermodel of General Grievous based on this ragdoll?

I’ve looked for it and im sure is the only important character without a playermodel
pd:sorry for my english, pretty bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nobody knows how to and can do it? I could pay in items of games for it, i really would like to play with that playermodel

I might try when I get home, at school atm :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks sir, my friends and me apreciate your help

Alright so I made it, but it is quite buggy since his head is lower than the average playermodel

Like he have some problems in his back?XD add me on steam,i’ll send u my name by private

Damn image url doesnt work

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OK shitty playermodel mediafire MLG link

Well the mod is done thx to this guy, can someone tell us ho to solve shotgun/greneade/crossbow/physgyn bug?
in first persons, his head is vissible as a part of the uhd, blindin the player

As I told you the model isn’t the same as a regular model since Grievous is shorter than the regular Source model. Btw don’t forget to credit me.

U done it very good dude