General Help with Server Management

I’m just about to open up a new server with the help of several of my friends. We got almost everything working besides a few things that we are working out.

One thing is that since the server files are a bit different from cleint files, and since I do not have a lot of experience with FTP(using filezilla) I am not sure how to add certain addons such as botmap_v3. Will files merge just like they do when you install them locally? Or will I need to upload each separate file manually?

I am also having some issues with ULX. I can’t seem to get the advertisements to work, just simple chatbox stuff, will not come up.
Thanks a ton for any help you guys can provide.

If you’re using FileZilla, (Which is a lot easier), you’ll have server directories that are much like the ones in your clientside gmod. Addons go to addons, maps go to maps. Just remember to extract to the right places. You should be able to upload multiple files just fine as long as you’re using a FTP program.

Not sure about your ULX stuff, not really my expertise there.

Don’t use ULX, use soemthing else like ASSmod
ULX is a pain in the ass

Alright thanks a ton.