General on T-Rex shooting Russian.

I was told to spice up the second public appearance of the general so… Bewarned, the muzzleflash is shit!

Would be more epic if not for the stiff posing on the guy who’s getting shot but LOL GENERAL ON A T-REX

The guy in the foreground is horribly posed. He looks retarded/bored/floating.

He’s dead and falling to the ground after trying to run.

shitty :3

Thats the first time I agree with you DarkKnife :3:
The posing is really horrible and so is the blood.
The only thing I like is the map.
Look up some posing tutorials.

I agree with the blood, that’s about it. I don’t think the posing on him is that bad. As i said, hes dead and falling to the ground. Every movie I’ve seen, when they get shot in the back, they tense up (stiffen) and start to fall. Look at how the knees are bent on him.

I’ll probably get called out for making excuses, but I believe he isn’t posed that badly.

If you can’t take the criticism we give you, don’t post. He IS horribly posed no matter how you feel about it, in the end it’s what the public thinks about it, sorry but its the ugly truth. Now T-rex and general are far away but from what i can see they are posed ok. Blood sucks, but hey I can’t do blood very good either.

Keep practicing

Posing is really bad.

The only thing thats great about this picture is the general on a t-rex and the map.

But the posting is bad.