General Rust Functionality Change Idea

Just had an idea I’d thought to be worth sharing. Recently I’ve seen and heard a lot of talk and concepts about new items or events that would add many new and exciting layers to Rust, such as a satellite crash event akin to airdrops, as well as things like modular attachments, ranging from things like custom weapons down to more creative things like garbage or general household objects being utilized for various useful roles (magnifying glasses for basic zoom functions, bottles being used for maybe a one time use silencer for a waterpipe, etc.; ThatGermanGuy discusses some examples of these in his “Rust- What’s Coming” series). While I do love most of the things that such changes would bring to the table, I feel like there’s the possibility of these changes making the game more frustrating for people who choose not to play in larger, more resource efficient groups, if not properly executed.
Specifically, I fear that there would be a larger pool of blueprints needed for any of these custom-esque parts that would be say between the complexity of the most basic parts to the highest tier (magnifying glass to holo sight, for example). If everything like that would require its own blueprint, the game would become much more grind-intensive than it is (which is arguably too high already). Needing a blueprint for every single attachment for a gun, or body part for a custom car, or a piece of furniture, would simply be overwhelming and overly time consuming before long. Additionally, requiring the specific items to craft said parts could lead to a less-than-fun system of having to cross half the map simply to go roll the dice that one of the 12 barrels you’re going to break open will have the specific nuts and bolts and chassis parts you need for your custom car, whenever there are 30 new parts accompanying the addition of even just a few basic custom items.
I believe this could all be remedied by what I think would not be that hard to implement: either replacing or in addition to existing monuments, certain thematic-specific man-made hubs could be added. For example, an old run down car manufacturing city (i.e. Detroit) could have in it offices containing blueprints specific to cars, and around the yards there would be scrap metal and parts, ideal for building and modifying cars, among other things, like perhaps fortifications and weapons. These areas could fit in with the recent shift to procedural generation, as they could function like dungeons seem like they will, with each module of the city or area containing different kind of loot and scenery, and with a certain amount of each kind of module (i.e. one main blueprint office, a couple yards with rusting cars, and some houses and trash cans around containing household items and other garbage, like magnifying glasses and bottles). Obviously not only restricted to cars, there could even be places like furniture stores, architectural hubs (bridges, cement, pipelines, other infrastructure), weapon/military areas, and even airfields with the intent of giving players the opportunity to craft and modify aircraft.
Clearly this all sounds like a pipe dream, but, from all I’ve seen and heard recently and in the past, this kind of move to a more customizable and modular Rust is what the developers are interested in, and it sounds like a lot of fun, and I thought I’d like to share my two cents on the matter. If you got this far, that’s really cool, and thanks for listening to my tirade. I just really like Rust lol

I generally like the idea of areas that provide specifically blueprints, but i see a problem there - what if a clan takes that area? No one else will ever be able to get those blueprints.
What you should add is not a strict restriction to that areas, but to give it a much higher chance to find the blueprints there. So if you go there or control the area, you are much more likely to find the blueprints you wanted. If you can’t go there, you can also find them elsewhere, but with a lower chance.
Maybe add lockers to houses where random bp’s can be found or so.

The game is far away from being too grind-heavy - except for wood later - and i would like to see much more stuff implemented regarding the survival aspect - building options, furniture, decoration. I WANT it to be even more grindy so that you have to earn your place in the post apocalypse world that we all now live in.
As for now, its unfortunately only a couple of building options mixed with a few resources and a handful of blueprints which leads to a pvp feast since there is not much else to do in the lategame then pvp and wood farming. So even more stuff is needed, including grinding stuff :>