General Server Hosting Questions

Two short questions:

First one is, what command do I put in my config to cleanup props after someone leaves?

Another question is, if I use something like SourceRcon (Example application here: )

Can I somehow output the console of the server into that? So if someone says something in the chat, I can see it and respond.

For your first question - You will need an external mod to as this is not a standard feature.

For your second question - HLSW (Half Life Server Watch) will allow you to do exactly that.


For the second thing… Is there an alternative? HLSW is fine… Though a bit bloated. Surely there’s a command that it’s using to get console output.

I’m already using Evolve and love it, do you know of a simple addon that does the same thing?

Are you looking for real time or logging?

Real time.

HLSW works fine after disabling a bunch of stuff, Just needed to find the buttons to do it.

I’ll see if I can find an addon or a script that will clean up props, I would really prefer not to switch to some silly thing like ULX when I’ll never use most of the stuff in there.

I don’t know of anything besides HLSW that will allow real time besides looking at the console (which is still messy).

Sounds fine I guess. I’ll be using HLSW.

Discovered that Simple Prop Protection does what I need for the other issue.

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