General Suggestions, again.

So ill get straight to it, here goes…


Airdrops (since they are considered the best loot) should not drop vanilla AK47’s etc, but actual AK47’s, etc.
They should be described “Authentic AK47 from the Outside World” and appear brand new and modern styled.
They should outplay the original, Imitation AK in every department.
Players should not be capable of crafting the Authentic AK47.
However players are able to research the item - this however only allows them to build the Imitation AK47 with a very high chance.
Ammo should be the same between the two versions.

This would make Airdrops much more sought after, even by gun owners.
The value in the community of Authentic AK47’s would be higher of Imitations adding a new level of item value into the game.
This AUTHENTIC / IMITATED concept should involve more weapons, if not all.
I’d love to see Authentic versions of the Bolt, Revolver & Crossbow.


Airdrops would be much more intense & waited for by players if airdrops happened once every 2 - 5 days.
For each day the airdrop skips, a parachute box will be added to the “run”, example: airdrop, 5 days later = 5 drops, 3 days later = 3 drops, etc.

This would change two things:

No one will know when the next drop is, exactly.
Fresh Spawns may have a chance to find one without engaging or escaping combat since the attention is spread over at least 2.
When drops occur, almost everyone would attempt to find one even at longer distances.
With the addition of Authentic weapons the last point would be emphasized.

The overall loot-levels of the server would remain the same, just with longer intervals between deliveries.

More Environmental Danger:

I play PvE servers a lot, yes… there’s less action but when you play by yourself and want to try things out its great.
In a PvE server, a mortal challenge is a great part of the experience, since players don’t/can’t kill or even raid, often.

The PvE players (there are a fair few of us) need more danger to tackle. This could mean:
Harsher Cold
More Wolves - Wolves in packs of 3 or 4 in the Winter & Desert Biomes would be great
More Bears - especially in the Winter Biome
Less Mushrooms
Less chance of finding apples, tuna & bars in litter etc.
Less Horses

This brings me to additional animals, just a thought:

non-deadly fish for hunting (would require water weapons like the harpoon)


A new building upgrade: Concrete

Its should repel radiation allowing for base building in radiation area’s
(im unsure on rad-building rules…)
If its allowed, it should be very hard to upgrade to, requiring the rarest, or new rare materials.
Because of the effort required, it should be pretty good at deflecting bullets and explosives.

Building Plan Changes

The Blue/Red ghost objects we see in building should indicate axatcle which way they are orientated.
Walls should show a “Inside” indication to remind players not to place them the wrong way around
Floors (square and triangle) should show the floorboard direction before placement.

Thanks! looking forward to comments

Air drops should be rare, but when they drop, there should be more of them, scattered over the map. And they should be full of stuff, not just a couple things that are lame.

Not sure about concrete but with HQ metal there should be a stronger option. Armor for metal frags, maybe Blast Armor for HQ metal. Super expensive…needs HQ metal, metal frags, and stone… and takes 10c4 to get through… Or more. Could be used for protecting loot rooms or TC rooms, or something more important than the base itself.

This is actually a great idea, i love it. Having authentic and replica weapons is great, as well as having rarer and bigger airdrops with even better loot. Using the replica and authenic idea, perhaps there could be 3 tiers of weapons. The first, is the low grade replica (which would be weapons made with metal frags) the second would be the high grade replica (the current weapons) and the final should be the authentic weapons, that are not craftible.
Just some ideas :slight_smile:

IMO the metal frags and the HQ should be mixable. All metal frags, you get a crappy gun and weaker armor. More HQ metal adds to the quality of the gun, armor, etc.