General Suggestions for Modellers

I’ve been browsing over the lists of things people are asking for, and I’ve decided there are some things that ought to have been suggested by now. These are:

Ragdolls of Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus;

Ragdolls and vehicles from I, Robot;

…and Mototerminators and the Harvester from Terminator: Salvation.

None of these have any unique value to me outside of being something I would download immediately if I saw it. Still, it would be cool to have some of these done. If you are interested but need more pictures, let me know.]

Harvester and Moto bike there

Okay, one down; again, I’m simply putting these ideas out there in case someone might see them and go “Ah-ha!

I think the I-robot ragdoll is a pretty good Idea.