Generate spawn icons?

A buddy of mine and I are having problems with our spawn icons. Occaisionally when loading them, gmod will crash (I think it’s pretty common, quits after you get all your icons generated). This leads us to try and make sure all of our icons are loaded “before” building. So…

How do you generate all of your spawn icons at once, so you can let gmod sit there and create them and come back later? I’m sure it’s possible, as another buddy used to do it and would comment on how he’s loading a couple thousand icons at once lol. But he never told me how. Currently I’ve just been clicking on each spawn folder, scrolling down, then as it’s generating icons for them click on another folder, scroll down, rinse and repeat. It’s a huge hassle and risks a crash/reset. I tried rebuilding the model search thingy and searching a wildcard like * or ?, but I wasn’t able to load every model at once :/.

I have this problem, too! GRAH! If there’s a solution, I’ll be very happy.

Well I ended up doing it the manual way… found it helped to change the icon size to the smallest, so you don’t have to scroll down just to get them to start generating. Spawned 2500 icons at once.

But still, if you know of an easier way to build your icon cache, please let us know! :3