Generating a Navmesh for rp_oldworld

I’ve tried so many times to generate this navmesh, but it keeps crashing my game. I was wondering if someone has an already full-generated navmesh for this map and or wants to give it a go. Or maybe someone can give advice on how to fix this crash when you generate navmeshes or a tool that makes it easier to do so. Thank you in advance!

I could help you but your file is too complex that this even crashed my test server. :v:
Nobody can help you. The generation took more than 1.8GB of RAM (and has started to crash after ~8 hours) and Garry’s Mod is 32bits.

Of course, it will crash. You are trying to compute a nuclear bomb. :magic101:

Dang. I wish this could’ve worked because we needed it for the NPCs to work on our server. I don’t know what to do about it now. Thank you for trying though.

You could take a look to gm_navigation if you want it the navmesh really bad.
The only constraint will be to adapt the custom navmesh to your NPCs.

I’m not very savy with gmod nodes and navmeshes, how would I go about doing this? And if I used this for rp_oldworld, the SNPCs should work on it then? Or would I have to go through more work?

Hold on a seconds…

I thought from the beginning that you are trying to generate navmesh for NextBot NPCs.

There’s one for that but it’s seems to be broken for everyone today.