Generations of Marines + Bonus

Huge thanks to Squiddy for editing the Iwo Jima one.

Lil’ ol’ model test for Fussy.

Wonderful work, mate. Really well done.

I couldn’t help but notice the first image is called “soldiers_desert”
Trust me, you don’t want to call a Marine a “Soldier” (Army vs. Navy thing going on there)

They’re still soldiers…
However if you mix the marines with the army they get pissed.

Marines are Marines and the Army consists of soldiers. there IS a difference.

Nice pics, i’m going in January and I get pissed when people call Marines soldiers

Just to clear up the thing over soldiers, I didn’t intentionally put “soldiers,” if I would’ve intended on doing that I would’ve put soldiers in the title. Squiddy put that as the name of the picture when I sent it to him so he could sort it out from the other pics rather than having to look at a long ass number that a picture is given when it’s taken in the Steam overlay; I assume. Now, if you could please just stop arguing over it, that’d be great.

Soldiers are combatants, marines are combatants, warriors are combatants; quit whining about it.
It was only named that to distinguish it while I had it on the back burner for editing.

And for the record, I wasn’t aware it was an Iwo Jima shot at the time, and nor am I aware of the distinctions between bloody World War II era uniforms.