Generators and Electricity

Now, I don’t know if this has been suggested before, but I have looked though what I can find and haven’t seen anything like it. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

I had the idea a few days ago to maybe someday implement gas or coal powered generators that players can use to create electricity for their homes.

To create a generator, players would need to:

  • Find a host of blueprints to create all the parts, probably around 5-6.
  • Find a master blueprint to learn how to combine it all together
  • Use either fuel or charcoal to keep the generator running.
  • Perhaps need to create a different variation of the workbench to craft the generator and electric components listed below? (I.E. Electricians Bench)

I haven’t thought of too many uses for electricity yet, except for:

  • Artificial lighting (Because starting fires or holding torches just to see inside at night can get annoying)
    • This would require the use of metal fragments and maybe sulfur to create wires, and outlets.
  • Heating/Cooling for the heat/cold of seasons if they are implemented.
    • Not sure how this would be created.

The generator would create a good amount of noise I think, so it may attract unwanted attention to your home.

Well that’s the idea I have so far, I don’t think it is too far out there at all for a post apocalyptic setting, and may add some nice end-game tasks for people to accomplish.
Feedback and extra suggestions are welcome!

Solar Panels would be a great and expensive addition.

generators will be implemented soon enough(not super close but one day) i was talking with pat and well its got really scary with the idea of electricity they have in store

Eh im not sold on this, seems a little out of place but maybe its just me

i dont remember the thread it was but its from back in june when it was discussed bout what they wanted to do

I think solar panels would be super cool!

Personally I think it’s out of place. Of course I think several of the weapons are out of place as well. The balance between Kevlar and Gun creation, for example… it is not balanced as far as resources go. Electricity? Meh. I think before we go that route we’d need advanced work benches. At this point we are already creating intricate springs and mechanics for guns, but we can’t even make a solid metal wall…it just doesn’t sync.