Generic 80s/90s action movie special forces + bad guys

These are meant to look just like any random american special forces and generic third world bad guys from any 80s or 90s action movie, my main inspirations being the movies “Navy SEALs” and “The Delta Force” and a little bit of “Tears of the Sun”. The SF guys come with 3 different heads - 2 unmasked and 1 wearing a balaclava, all having a bunch of different face skins. All 3 of those have models for 3 different uniform types - plain black, woodland camo and desert camo and each of those have appropriate face camo and, as always, they have a bunch of bodygroups. The bad guys also have 3 different heads - 2 unmasked and 1 masked on with bodygroups for either a regular balaclava or a middle eastern head wrap and all have a bunch of face skins. They also have bodygroups for stuff like clothing, headwear, gear and all that. The bodygrouped regular t-shirt and the sleeveless shirt are also colorable with the color tool. Also included is a MP5SD3 model that has bones to move a bunch of different parts and a few bodygroups.


Also download this if you downloaded from the Mediafire link

Credits for the original MP5SD model - Rehasher, Crash, Yogensia

Hot as hell.

Awesome, should be amazingly useful for anything needing a bad guy or good guy supporting cast.

I don’t want to rush you or anything, but could you consider doing some 80s/90s French soldiers? Or redoing your Vietnam war US soldiers?

That’s actually next on my list and I’m already pretty far into remaking them.

These are top notch Simkas! Love you’re releases, can’t wait to see what comes next.

This is good

Niiiiice. Mind showing some WIP images?

I’ve been told that the material for the bad guy scarf is trying to use a lightwarp texture that it’s not supposed to. If you’ve downloaded from mediafire, download and install this too:
Workshop upload will be updated soon as well.

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Beautiful work Simkas as always. Well done bruh!

80’s in this thread

i swear to god, those poses came out mostly by accident.

I started making a pose, ended up just playing about.

so much variety holy shit

Could make another commando movie with these guys

Well shit. These blow the generic bad guys I was gonna release out of the water.

you should still do yours
variety is good

Look sexy!
Awesome release, yo!

Damn this really, really hot.


These are great, I really am loving your 80’s era mash ups, they make for some great diversity.

Dear god, Tiger Stripe skin group PLEASE.

I find these acceptable. Good job.