Generic Battle Pose




watch as i notice some insignificant editing error somewhere and flip my shit

Wow, a lot of action and good photoshopping.

btw you should put the unedited shot in the OP

Teach us how to be as sexy as you!

This is like a whole other level. Absolutely jaw-dropping. Phenomenal work, guys!


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I say it again…

I think I just orgasmed.

Are those models from Space Marine? I think the orks are.

The orks are from Dawn of War 2. The Space Marines are a combination of DOW and SM I believe.

that is correct

the models (including the Titan) are heavily work in progress, this was their first ‘field test’

where are the boobs and lesbians? god ANOTHER military pose

Amazing work, this is definitely some of the best work I’ve seen on this board.

Awesome work with the posing Firewarrior and awesome work with the models and with the editing Joazzz!

i thought you didnt like Rastifan’s stuff :v:

You calling this ‘‘generic’’, boy?

I only need to slap you shit once, fool.

I jizzed a little, screw it i exploded all over this beauty!!

wow, it smells like SLAANESHI WEAKLINGS in here

I thought it was now mandatory to only do sex scenes. You rebels, breaking the rules like that with your guns and your shooting things.

Good-natured joking aside, that is one beautiful picture.

Mind = blown.

This is astonishing.

not imperial guard 0/10