Generic Catholic Priest

I was hoping someone would be able to model a generic Catholic priest. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too difficult, for the face you could just hack citizen heads onto it. These would be quite useful for RP and comics, since we seem to lack any decent models of clergy. Here are some pictures to show what I’m looking for.

Well, it’s not exactly what you are looking for, but you could use the Reverend Albert ragdoll from this pack here. Of course, it’s just a basic ragdoll so you won’t be able to finger pose or face pose it.

Eh…sort of what I had in mind as far as the looks but I won’t be able to use that model for much of anything given it’s lack of posing…it also looks silly for priests to be carrying grenades around.

“No child included”

Well…we do have child ragdolls…


support but i preefer and old priest like the killing floor one

Wow, I’m late to respond to this lol. I’m pretty sure someone could modify the model to not have the grenades attached to it.

Even then, it’d still be one uuuuuuuuuuuuugly model.

Bumping, would love to see someone able to do this.

Holy shit.

EDIT: Hahahaha I just noticed i wrote “HOLY shit”. JK

Ecclesiastical vestments make for some kinky lingerie I guess.


We have maps with churches but we ain’t got no priests :frowning: Guess mass is run by the laypeople in gmod.