Generic Citadel scenebuild

Scenebuild of a vista of the citadel. The dots around it are scanners. Kinda’ like the scene in HL2’s 2nd chapter.

  1. Originally, I meant to depict the arrival of the citadel in some nondescript city. Couldn’t quite figure out how to do the “arriving” part, given the lack of proper models and the diligence to look for some. I also planned on adding a bunch of citizens looking at the structure in dismay, but fuck it.
  2. Decided to use L4D props for aesthetic purposes.
  3. Tried Photoshopping more buildings so it’d look less empty. Well, it came out really bad.

Oh, C&C please. I’m relatively new to this stuff and I’ll definitely need all the advice I can get. Thanks.

Do you have some pictures of the build? Looks pretty good by the way.

Looks pretty good.

Put some fog in there.

Yep. Here you go.

Thanks for all the feedback guys.

It’s nice but the default flatgrass lighting cheapens it a bit, try editing in lighting in photoshop or GIMP.

Don’t use flatgrass for scenebuilds. Use a map that has good lighting and fog. Fog really makes scenebuilds look better.

I like the picture though.

Nice use of film grain.