Generic Edit-A-Thon 2012 - Timelapse Videos

So, 2 days ago I tried to stay awake for 36 hours (to get my sleep cycle back on track) and had the idea that I should edit some generic pictures from the Unedited Screenshot Thread and record I all.
And this is pretty much the result of that.

Disclaimer: These are editing workflow/timelapses, nothing more, nothing less, if you would like me to make a tutorial or something sometime, let me know.






My Youtube channel (Check it out, maybe): HERE

Props to the original posers Cone, gtanoofa, Everything and** Ninja Nub**

Very nice job man.

Glad you decided to make a thread. These videos are great.


Love the Band of Brothers styled one! Great job man!!

While it may not be intended as a tutorial, these vids will certainly go a long way to helping out people trying to break into Photoshop/GIMP editing (like me).

So, thanks a bunch, man.

I was quite curious about the process in which you made the cracks and gashes on my CP. Really cool stuff, where do you get most of your images/brushes for these things?

Remind me to make you a bunch more stuff after my vacation’s over, if you’d still be up for some 'shop jobs by then. Perhaps we could collaborate in the future…

Thanks for the comments guys, appreciated.

You continue to do Edit-A-Thon?