Generic F/A-18 Build #3

So I tried it again.

New Wings:

wings look funny

the front wings are weird

I dun liek it

(User was banned for this post ("Shiposting" - Benji))

looks nice, F-18 isnt easy to recreate. Very sweet!

Hey, it looks pretty accurate, the wings are fine too.

Fix the engine models and it’ll be A-okay. they look… out of place.

also, lol @ the shadow

New color scheme, partly finished cockpit, and a bit of a remake to the engines:

I’m trying to keep the cockpit as accurate as possible, since the whole thing is out of scale.

Hey nice remake i like it. I was about to agree witht he engines looking funny but i think there better now, not completley to my fancy but whats my fancy worth anyhow…

Fucking genius using the wireframe and color tool on that keypad.

coming from edberg that must means

its shitty, i could have thought of that, but im cuban and i suck

Heavy breathing

Looks epic, hope you release it soon.

Three stages of afterburner:

Stage one

Stage two

Stage three

I added some more stuff to the cockpit, but forgot to take pictures of it.

Does anyone know why one thruster works fine, but the other thruster is stuck on a certain thrust?

i would rather the afterburners not be a gay colour but ok buddy