Generic Guy Generically Walks around a corner, with a model I know y'all want.

Looooook what I found. Yes that is the Cod4 M82.

btw, I hate this pic so much.

i hate it too why did you post it

Cuz I’m bored.

That excuse is older than the internet times 10


that m82 looks like garbage. good job on porting something so useless

Looks better than the one with inverted shading everyone else uses

M82 looks kind of terrible in my opinion. There are tons of better models out there.

Of course I don’t want it.

Because I already have it. And anyone with a face, arm and eye can get it.

Bad advertising.

Not really, we’ll use models that look decent.

Stop trying wag something in our face that we don’t want.

Classic excuse.

I thought the pmc’s were released

We thought wrong.

Picture is boring, but the M82 is a must want!

No it isn’t. I swear to god if I get banned by Benji for no re-- nevermind.

Aw come on, Benji’s kinda cool. At least he’s active, and updates the museum regularly.

Beats Silverhammer by a million miles, let’s put it that way.