Generic in a different jacket! Swat Ambush

That’s all folks!

Very nice, as always.

some of the posing somehow looks weird

Agree, some of it looks unnatural.

The effect you used, makes it look like a model train.

The posing on the train looks rather awkard, I agree. also because there is no shadow which makes it look like their feet are floating.

What’s that?

Anyway cool pic

I love the muzzleflash and the posing looks great, nice job


His penis.

No, it’s shadow mixed with dust. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems like tilt-shifting is the new trend. Nice work.

how can i “tilt shift” it looks so cool!

Really cool blood effects and interesting camera angle. The posing looks quite bad in places though and the tracers are a little unnecessary in my opinion.

Blur is a bit much, picture look nice though.

Posing is a bit weird. Especially the one dying, looks funny :smiley:

I like it, it’s pscycadellic in a way :lsd:.

Oh that!


I like the miniature look. Have an autistic.

I like the DOF

it makes them look like toys

I was listening to this while I opened the thread, I think that I kind of fits the screen-shot.

The guys on top of the train are very un naturally looking. It doesn’t look like they belong there. That is my only woe with this. Overall I think it is an excellently posed piece.