Generic Ninja Pose..

…in a dojo, apparently! :v:

I call it a dojang because I do a Korean martial art. :smug:

Nice pose. The isolation is completely fucked up though and its too dark unfittingly in my opinion.

The guy in the background makes me lol.

I just noticed where the isolation is messed up, you’re right. ):

This is only like the fifth or sixth picture I’ve edited so I’m not very good yet! I actually made it dark on purpose because it was really light before and I wasn’t sure where to shade the people! Blah, it is too dark! ; ;

The posing is just plain awesome.

Haha very nice.

Fantastic :golfclap:

His foot/leg is going over the border.

Other than that awesome.

I fail to see how that is a fault

That’s the joke. He’s an interplanetary ninja assassin.

That made me lol. I actually did the leg thing on purpose because I thought it would look cool but apparently I thought wrong. ; ;

These are not Ninjas. I can see em. Good pose.

Nice work. It’s not what you usually see here.
The hand needs fingerposing. It looks like his fingers are glued together.

Thank you! I actually did fingerpose but it’s those old (I guess?) models that don’t have separated fingers! );

Oh, I forgot about those. Haven’t played Gmod in a while. Yeah, those were awful for fingerposing.