Generic rebel generically hides while his generic friends are slaughtered by generic mechs

First pose I’ve done in a while. No editing. Took a while to get the mechs right and the rebel didn’t want to cooperate (who’s surprised, he’s a rebel). Feel free to edit these.

First pic sans DOF:

Feedback, edits, etc.

Generic picture.

Thanks for the generic first reply. :v:

generic and bad camera angle

I know the camera angles suck. I don’t have much room to work on this map. This was about the only place I could snugly fit the mechs while keeping cover for Mr. Rebel.


My mechs aren’t generic :frowning:

Naw, they’re pretty bitchin’, but they’re hard to pose. :c

Really empty, posing is wonky, and something about the guy in the first picture’s face is really creepin’ me out. Keep practicing though!

I don’t think generic is always bad, personally…

Honestly, I think I could’ve done a lot better with a better map than C18, but I can’t find one. Emptiness is hard to conquer in a pose covering an area like this - believe me, I tried to fill it up some, but then it looked to cluttered and it was hard to tell what was going on.

And Asian rebels aren’t capable of frowning without doing something stupid with their jaws.

Zoom in or add shit to cover the emptyness.

The District 9 maps(Central, sewers and shit) are awesome, you should try them.

ahhhhh shit soooo many generics in this thread someone says it every two seconds! but anyways i do like the mech models