Generic Rifle Posing Test


The key to depth-of-field is making it focus on… something.

His head is very close to the scope.

Yep, enjoy the smack in the eye socket as the rifle recoils. Do I also see the barrel between his fingers? Awesome, what a great place to get burned.

The graphic of the gun is not the best but the gun is nice :smiley:

No, you don’t see. He’s holding the wood area on the rifle.

His thumb is clipping with the butt and is in a pretty strange posture.

He also needs a chiropractician, he might have slight back aches.

What Rossmum said. In my opinion the legs could be a little more bent too.

You haven’t seen the TF2 sniper rifle before?

Is it between his middle and ring fingers as it appears to be? Because that is a really, really awkward way to support 8lbs+ which is going to come back and kick you square in the shoulder.