Generic SciFi Citizens

I did this last night. There’s no story behind them, and any similarities to any other scifi uniforms are prurely coincidental. The color scheme is grey with green, and two red division ones. they could be medics. Or not.

It’s all the males from group_01, hexed, with phong and normalmaps.

Feel free to use in any capacity, including reskins, playermodels, RP, comics, movies, etc.



Wow, that’s actually a really cool design. Keep up the good work.

I like it. By the way, what map was that first screen taken on? I’ve been looking for a good ship map.

I know who’s going to die first.

I think they look pretty good so I’m going to dl them.

I’m all but certain it is THIS map:

“The away team will consist of myself, Mr Spock, Dr McCoy, and Ensign Ricky.”
“Aw crap…”

They look great. Make me want to make them some hacks for alternate, futuristic-y clothing :<


Good work. These will come in handy. Surprised I couldn’t find anything of Cap. Picard or Data though. Two of the most profiled characters in the Star Trek universe.