Generic Sniping Pose Redux

This is an edited version by Euphe, thank you.

Original Thread

Looks HD 'n shit yoh cool.

Much better. It’s still generic but it makes generic look good!

You shouldn’t make 2 seperate threads.

That was my idea to make a new thread. I am sorry, but I am a little selfish about this picture. It took 4 hours of work. Fully retexturing everything… So, I wanted people to see what I’ve done. Phsy didn’t want to make a new thread at first. So it is my fault.

Then you should make a thread yourself mate.

I couldn’t. Phsy got online earlier then I was able to make a thread.

The new textures look terrible. You just pasted the textures on top of the picture without making them blend in any way. Now it just looks like a big mess of different photos cut together. And the plants and shit you took from photos look completely out of place too.

I see a lot of constructive criticism.

Texture as Chesty McWank does.

I lol’d.

Not digging the texturing at all. You totally overkilled it.

this is uh
how do i say BAD