Generic Soldier Generically Walks Through a Generic Forrest.

With a somewhat less generic weapon.
I plan to release the weapon soon, the skin much later. Someone at my magless thread requested M72 with no scope, it took like a minute so I had time for a pose.

his head is pointy, and he is indeed generic.

Generically generic.

Generically guaranteed.


Your posts are generically not witty.

I want those skins.Fuck

Pardon me for my un-knowledgeable-ness, but what game is that? :v:

Generic, but purrty!

I do believe its that new sandbox game called Garry’s Mod or something! Aww man I’ can’t wait til that badboy hits the shelves!

Purdy :eng101:
I live in Texas, I would know.

So you made a screeny with the skin I ported. Good dangling there mate.

Generic comment

Generic reply.

just realized CREDIT ME IN OP plz:)

right on the nose Denmon I wouldn’t of ported those skins otherwise

Generic title. Nice.