Generic soldiers are posed generic by generic poser


Wall-E on the head. Decent pose.

Ahaha. They do look like him.

Not generic enough.

Agreed. They’re supposed to be shooting at an off-screen enemy.

or aiming

It needs to be more generic to revieve this title.
Posing is soldid but the whole image is blurred.


what the hell you guys, you’re very freakish guys
I always making shitty generic screens with the ordinary title
and today I made it very generic with ‘generic’ title
and you guys talking like “It’s not so generic, It should be more generic. then we’ll call it Generic.”

how do I do?



oh and rate palette please

We were saying that the ultimate genericness is a guy shooting off-screen.
Those are guys standing around aka not guy shooting off-screen so its not mega-ultra-zomfgie-Generic.

No man it’s Johnny 5.

Some of the burning is completely random.

Epic picture is epic. Have an artistic

sweet bump dawg

nice editing, but the shading is pretty heavy
posing looks good, and nice angle

so those were the models ddok were talking about

Even the title is generic