Generic TF2 compilation

There’s some evolving in different concepts as the poses advance. (as in some of them are character and concept wips, natives turning more serious etc.)
Stuff goes from oldest to newest, I think. I left some stuff that I found repetitive or a bit bland out.

So here’s bunch of TF2 stuff I’ve done during past one or two years, or something.

the end.

your stuff is really great

I love this stuff. I hope you make more like these.

Yeah we’ll see if I get Gmod 13 to work out.

Second one reminds me of “Howl’s Moving Castle”. Nice work

I fucking love this one so much.

I find all TF2 poses boring except yours Exorade, you’re just so creative :3.

Wow…that’s it, just wow.

… What?

Goddamnit I always mix up you guys’s names…


Oh hey, you used me and srgt. shotup’s TF2 Mr. Foster.

I havent seen anyone else use them.

Cannot rate this winner enough.

I always love your pictures. They’ve got really neat concepts to them.

These aren’t very generic at all.

Yeah. it’s sarcasm.

I love your work, but the TF2 poses to me, not so much, I can see through the editing, just my personal opinion. I do love the background stories and shit you do with the skins etc.
have a winner.

These screeshots have such a surreal and awesome feeling,I love them.

all of these rock

These are absolutely fantastic, love the theme