generic war and stuff pictures.

Comments would be nice.

They’re all good, the posing starts off shoddy and improves to very good by the end. Unfortunately your title is accurate, none of them are really unique or specifically interesting in any way. You just need one really great idea and maybe a stroke of luck, and then you can channel all of your effort into making something amazing.

Everything looks great, could use some fancy edits though. :smile:

I would’ve done some editing but I can’t edit worth shit.

Its on the back of a truck in one of DTs packs.

Where did you get that vickers machinegun?

Whoa, they are alll excellent!
Keep up your great work! (try super dof and no hdr, they will look faaaabulous!)

Cops and english soldiers models are released?
I love your pics

Cops are in here

Brits are in this pack


imo 2nd pic models look weird… maybe some shading/editing? i dunno

other screenshots are good tho

You did really good on these

Very nice.

Very cool
what is the model for 4 screenshot
and sorry for my bad english

Really digging the fifth pic (the first-person one).

Lots of generic stuff, but that’s what was advertised, so no complaints here.

If I understand what you’re saying correctly, they’re in here
Use bodygroups and stuff.