Generic Zombie Apocalypse Comic [Interactive]

My first comic! :open_mouth:
Also my first time using any editing software like Photoshop (GIMP acted like a bitch, I think this took me 2 hours D:).

Check around your house to see if you have a weapon you could use. Thing big, powerful blunt objects if you don’t have a gun.


In other words : Things that could destroy someones head in a few swings

Eat some cereals with milk, and then watch some Piorn. YEAH!

Look in your wife’s pillow, there should be a dildo. That can cause more damage than a frying pan.

Go outside and cook some zombie grits!

Use the phone to call any friends that may still be alive.

I got the pictures for the next scene, but I’m going to bed for now.

Bump and new comic


find some pills and hope that louis will come and see what happens

Give the zombie the frying pan. He only came over to borrow one! You should be a good neighbor.


Build a ship and travel into UNEEEEEDEEED SPAAAAAAAAAAACE

Whack it some more, come on, don’t you remember the double tap rule?

hot wire a car and drive to a gun store or hard ware


Loot the zombie. It may have gold coins.

Take the uneeded space and use it as a shield against the zombies!

+50 armor!