Generic Zombie Apocalypse Comic [Interactive]

Go to the local gun store and get a real gun…


I mean, for free, it is probably abandoned… or maybe it has some survivors.

Do it the Mac Gyver style! Make an engine out of that frying pan and the dollar!

Find a working car

Search the houses for a map and use it to find a gun store

take as much food as you can carry, search the houses in your neighborhood for survivors and supplies


(the food from your house)

Bump and, more ideas please.

Use the frying pan as an engine

Remove the car door and use it as a makeshift shield to shove back zed-heads. It could maybe even stop a bullet or two!

well it’s obviously a very new car, maybe it runs on air, try to start it.

Go Mcguyver style and build yourself an engine with one soda can and some wire.

Drop your frying pan, bend over, and kiss your ass goodbye cuz your in a zombie world bitch.

Comic ends forever.

Kill yourself with an rope you find inside the car.

Stare at the car,something might happen.

It’s safe to assume that the car was a spy/ zombie, and our hero got eaten, since he was fiddling around with it.

Go to the abandoned gun shop!