Genericness Agent John Smith surfing a crashing helicopter

My entry to the Agent Man Competition. Thought I could make a thread for it too.


Damn. This was better than my surf idea. (Plotting to remove competition)

Here Joazzz. Take this cup of tea:devil:


This is… is… well, I’m just impressed. Wonderful edit! Well done!

Is the m4’s stock clipping with John Smith’s arm?

Let’s say it the Quake 3 way:


What a beast

It’s a shame about the stock.


How about the Dead Rising way? :smug:

“I’ve covered wars you kno-” Wait I mean, “FANTASTIC!”

Good one Joazzz, I think that his luggage bag should be swapped for a suitcase though.

I didn’t have any suitcase models at the time and I had already started posing :frown:

If this isn’t badass I dont know what is.
nicely done there man.

Sweet looking work. Though it could have been a little better if the camera was closer up on Agent Smith.

(and if his stock wasn’t impaling his arm)

Do you have a save of the pose? I have an attache case that looks pretty good if you want :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t know whats happening but that’s awesome
nice fire effects

Ah I see, just with a luggage bag it looks like he’s having trouble getting to the airport or his hotel or something :v:

He’s getting to the airport in style.

The is true badass.
A worthy entry in the competition.

Really awesome. My only complaints would be not covering up the clipping and the earpiece looks like it’s on a layer above the dust.