Genericness and Gordons car

I dunno why I’m posting these…

By bodenlan at 2009-09-13

… But I guess it is because they’re awesome :c00l:.


Second one is kinda like… well there’s nothing interesting.

First one has nice lighting but the positioning of the hands seems a little off. Why is there a laser coming out of the Aimpoint too? Especially odd considering you can see a laser attached to it to the top right.

Oooh really good.
But i think lazorz don’t come out of aimpoints like that.


fuck, you beat me to the lazor thing

Well whatever comment on the editing on them instead of the realism.

Wait just saw his Ak102’s stock clipping his arm…

A red dot isn’t a laser.

Thats a red dot sight, not a laser.

I think it’s clear by now.

Well i found an excuse,laser isn’t from his aimpoint its from someone else -_-

a laser doesnt come out from a red dot sight

I don’t think that the laser should come out of the aimpoint.

But nice editing.

i think the car looks good as hell man nice job.

lighting and over all graphics are awesome… The posing is terrible although!

his hands are grossly pale. nice lighting on second

Laser’s don’t come out of aimpoint scopes…

In fact, why would a laser even be visible? It’s way too bright out to notice something that subtle and there’s nothing in the air to be illuminated by it (smoke, dust, etc.)

And yea, what’s up with the vampire hands?

I like the one though. Looks cool, albeit kinda boring…

This is true

Posing is…not so great. Pretty boring.