'Genesis', a Metro 2033 themed screenshot.

This is my first ragdoll pose & screen shot. I edited it for a little bit of motion blurr. Looking for critique on it, want to see what I can improve on.

Made it for a character I’ve created on a new Metro 2033 Serious Roleplay server I have up.

Content used:

rp_qrp_metro2033_beta (maps/rp_qrp_metro2033_beta.bsp) - Custom map made for my community, still in progress. Just a beta I have out. - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=125901

Wasteland Seeker Armor (models/f3v/seeker_09.mdl) - Custom model I had ported from a mod for Fallout:New Vegas & then rigged for the Source Engine - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=125305

Crowbar (Can’t recall model path) - Made by Valve, Half-Life 2

Fast Zombie model (models/Zombie/fast.mdl) - Made by Valve, Half-Life 2

It’s way too dark, I can’t really see it

It’s meant to be more of a silhouette.

cant see shit cap’n
I had to move my screen completely just to be able to see a little bit

Weird, as I can view it perfectly fine on my screen. Guess mine is a little bit brighter than your screens.

Made a version where I increased the brightness, hope I didn’t do it too much. Can’t really tell from my side. Probably won’t look good if I turned up the brightness too much.

Can’t help but notice there is a typo with beginning.

Also if you have the option, try playing with the levels instead of the brightness (it does no good if you end up brightening the parts you want dark).
Gave it a shot, I’m sure it’s not the best job but it’s an idea.

Thanks for the feedback. Does this look alright?

No, they all look bad. Regardless of the brightness. It’s just a boring silhouette tackling another boring silhouette with some poorly edited in motion blur that looks more like you just used the literal blur tool and then smudged it to give a streaked look.

And the grunge-brush text subtitled with comic sans (ewww) definition for the word not only is not only corny and pretentious, but fucks up the contrast so badly that at first I literally thought it was just a black image with text, like it’s suppose to be some sort of title or banner.

comic sans

ye I give up on screenshots

Now don’t give up just yet; Practice makes perfect. Everyone has potential, but you won’t get good by people sugarcoating everything for you.